My New Human ATM

Be reprogrammed and mindfucked into my financial slave

What is a human ATM?

A human ATM is a term used in financial domination to describe a paypig that enjoys being treated like an automated teller machine. Yes, exactly that. An ATM. A machine. A cash dispenser.

Particularly it’s a way for a rich man to step away from the grueling realities of life and simply hand over cash to the Money Mistress of his dreams, most importantly.

Firstly, this type of roleplay can be done in a variety of ways. Moreover, it’s up to each FinDomme to find the method that works for Her. In addition, like-minded finsubs or finslaves, like you, have to step up to the plate to play. Basically, this website is here to define my own style of money fetish entertainment.

Do you want to play a game with me?

~ Ms Construed

What is it like to play with you?

Well, that’s something that you will have to experience for yourself. Additionally, my clips, available below, will help give you a taste. However, I will say that I feel it’s the best form of Goddess worship you can provide.

I know how curious you little piggies can be, so here’s some screenshots of the wonderful world of human ATM findom with Ms Construed:

Is all Human ATM play via text?

Yes, on your part. You are a machine after all. And as a Premier Money Mistress, I have created numerous clips and PDFs to help condition your mind into that of an android with the sole purpose of dispensing cash to Me, i.e. the perfect paypig worship. After all that work from a Goddess like me, the only effort I should put forth now is numbers. Don’t you agree? I also think it’s the ultimate form of mindfuck.

In addition, I offer other areas of findom play where I will allow phone calls, Skype, Kik, or other communication. So if you’re interested, feel free to check out my main Ms Construed website.

usd 100 dollar bills

Do I have to be rich to be a human ATM?

Well, this is a money fetish after all. However even though I mentioned earlier that human ATM play is for rich men, anyone can be considered wealthy. I have programs and tasks that you can be coached into increasing your bank balance so that you can provide more funds for our findom play time.

I also heavily suggest that you research and practice the Law of Attraction. Bring more money into your life, so you can hand it all over to me. It’s not even that hard either.

Basically, findom is a luxury, and sexwork is work. If you are looking to have fun and enjoy yourself, that’s what we call in a word, entertainment. All in all, what is it worth to you?

What do you mean sexwork if you are not having sex?

Financial domination, aka findom, is under the umbrella of BDSM. This is a sexual fetish towards money and finances and certain aspects of that. And quite simply, a fetish is when someone is turned on by or attracted to one particular thing.

To clarify, all areas of BDSM, and financial domination is no exception, is a way for you to remove yourself from reality and enjoy what you truly love deep down. It’s not harmful.

Human ATM roleplay, in particular, is a money fetish that includes the fetishizing of giving money to a Woman merely because she deserves it or asks for it.

Sexual fetishes surely don’t always include sex, penetration, orgasms, etc. It’s the feelings you have about that particular thing. For instance, I get horny by seeing chains, bars, or the $ balance of my account increasing. We all have a quirk that turns us on, and it doesn’t have to fit with mainstream ideas.

What does the term “reprogramming” mean?

People are intelligent and sophisticated beings. However most of the time we just want to let go of all responsibilities. Let someone else take the reigns for awhile.

Human ATM roleplay is one of the ways to do that. Findom is fun. I am a fun financial dominatrix that enjoys receiving findom tributes with little effort. For this reason I have crafted certain clips to allow you to let go of all the troubles in your world. All you have to do is relax and listen. Your subconscious does the rest.

Is that like hypnosis?

Yes, it can very much be considered hypnosis, trances, and my personal favorite, mindfuck. There’s many terms we use, which is really just the way we can relate our fetishes to the mainstream media and search engines in order for clients, such as yourself, to find us.

Overall the truth of the matter is that sexworkers and sexwork services are criminalized and discriminated against for doing what we love. We’re all just finding ways to “game” the system. *wink*

Human ATM on.

– You first message to me.

Are you ready to be my new human ATM?

I have numerous clips ready for you to begin your programming. They are available in all of my stores, but the links below will take you to whichever is giving me the best commissions. I also offer custom clips.

Save money and get the entire bundle pack!

New Human ATM Reprogram

human atm reprogram gif

Welcome to my Human ATM Reprogramming. It is time that you accept your place as a machine. You are no longer a human with thoughts or feelings. You are only fit to spit out cash as needed and when told. Empty your mind and listen to my voice. You are being reprogrammed.

Software Update 3.01

human atm software update 1

I just bought and put together a new human ATM, you. It is time for your software update. What kinds of things can I do with this new update? Customized intro. Balance inquiry. Withdrawal, of course. This sounds great! Are you ready to serve me, human ATM? Let’s change some of these options and make you perfect for me. Did you process all that, human ATM? Are you ready to go shopping?

Software Update 3.02

human atm software update 2

Your software is out of date! Please update to avoid service interruptions. Do you neglect to think of your Goddess? Do you want to have auto alerts for balance increases? This latest version will program multiple triggers for notifications of cash so your machine will be streamlined for dollar deposits direct to your Goddess.

Assembling My New ATM ~ FULL version

human atm assembly gif

Yay! My new Human ATM has arrived. It’s time for me to put it together. Just a hard drive here, and a screw tightening there. Oh and I can’t forget the 360 camera! Now I just have to program it and update the software. Then it will be spitting out cash into my hands.

It’s Time For Us To Play!

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My New Human ATM Teaser
My New Human ATM Teaser

Yay! My new Human ATM has arrived. It's time for me to put it together. Just a hard drive here, and a screw tightening there. Oh and I can't forget the 360 camera! Now I just have to program it and update the software. Then it will be spitting out cash into my hands.

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  1. Ken says:

    I’m very interested in being your human atm. How do I get started. Can I just skip all the programming though?

  2. Katie Clary says:

    I’m interested in becoming your human atm. Is the programming required and how do I get started?

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