Financial Domination

Be reprogrammed and mindfucked into my financial slave

Money is my fetish

This is something that not many people understand. I know that money is something different for each person, but something sexual? Well, that is usually only considered prostitution which has been deemed illegal and thus wrong. Society has shed a bad light on too many things for too long. I believe that the entire world of sex and BDSM are not understood in mainstream media because of this. So, let’s shed some light on it.

What is a fetish?

Fetish is defined as a form of sexual desire wherein gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, an item of clothing, part of the body, etc. Abnormal is okay because anyone that has a fetish is not going to have the same fetish(es) as someone else. And really everyone has at least one fetish. We all have our own kinks and that’s okay. Even two people that have the same sexual turn-ons are not going to have them for the same reason or be able to explain what it means to them.

For me, I get turned on by being given money for nothing. This is not the same as being paid for the work I’ve done. If I am compensated for something I have done or need to do, then it means nothing. However, seeing $$$ add up and knowing the only reason is that someone else is turned on by giving it to me… that. That is my fetish. That brings me joy. You better believe that I masturbate to that.

Why does it turn me on?

I’m not sure if I can really explain this well enough or that it would come across well in words, but I’ll try. For me, my heart starts to race when that first tribute is added to my account. I guess this could be the equivalent of a side glance or sweet word from a hot guy for ‘normal’ girls, like in a melodrama. And then when the second larger amount comes through, well that’d be like that guy grabbing the girl’s neck and planting a hot kiss on her (again something that turns on ‘normal’ girls). And once I get into the triple digits, that’s getting some hot pants (on no-pants, if you get my drift) action going on there.

Cash is king

In this day and age, I believe that sentence speaks for itself. Today you can’t do anything without money. This is a fact that no one can deny. Go ahead and try. How are you even reading this website? On a device of some kind. How did you acquire that device? Paid for it most likely. Even if it was a gift, someone paid for it. How was it made? A company paid money for the parts and knowledge to design, build, and manufacture it. It had to be shipped which is not free. Even the internet has to be accessed by paying for it, if not you then someone else. Oh but the wires that were laid to bring the wi-fi your way…. yup, cable wires, manpower, etc etc etc.

Face it. Money makes the world go ’round.

What is money?

Simply put, money is a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes. In today’s day and age, that has even transformed beyond the paper bills and metal coins to a digital currency which takes infinite forms.

However, it’s more than that still. It’s also the assets, property, and resources owned by someone which completes a person’s worth or wealth. So what’s in the bank or hidden away under your mattress is not all that can be. Property, real estate, buildings, homes, businesses, vehicles, boats, transport, storage, and loads of other miscellaneous items define a person’s worth in this world. You may not even have a penny to your name, but if it comes down to it, your body can be worth something to the right person.

**You’ve found a broken piece of the key**